Who is Gennaro Gallo? Everything You Need to Know About This Italian Chef and TV Personality

Gennaro Gallo is a renowned Italian chef and television personality. Born on 22nd May 1976 in Avellino, Italy, Gallo has always had a passion for cooking. He started his culinary journey when he was only 14 years old, working in a local pizzeria, and later in hotels and restaurants.

Gallo’s passion for cooking led him to become a successful chef, catering to A-list celebrities and working as the Executive chef in prestigious hotels. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about Gennaro Gallo.

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1. Career in Culinary Arts

After working in various hotels and restaurants, Gallo made his debut on Italian television in 2003 on the popular cooking show, “La Prova del Cuoco.” This breakthrough marked the beginning of a thriving career in the culinary arts. Gallo later appeared on the “MasterChef Italia” and “Junior MasterChef Italia” as a guest judge.

2. Working as an Executive Chef

Gallo has worked as an Executive chef in prestigious hotels like Villa Cimbrone, Belmond Villa San Michele, Borgo Egnazia, Capri Palace Hotel, and others. There he implemented his creativity and love for Italian cuisine, which led to his success as a chef.

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3. Gennaro Gallo’s Cookbooks

Gallo is the author of a series of cookbooks, including “Gennaro’s Easy Italian,” “Wild Honey and Rye,” and “Southern Italian Family Cooking.” These cookbooks have been praised for their simplicity, and Gallo shares techniques and tips that help readers prepare their favorite Italian dishes at home.

4. Gennaro Gallo’s Restaurants

Gallo is the owner of two restaurants, “Pasta e Pomodoro” and “Gennaro’s Ristorante,” located in Positano and Praiano, Italy. Both restaurants offer authentic Italian cuisine, and Gallo’s passion for cooking is reflected in every dish.

5. Gennaro Gallo’s Philosophy

Gallo believes that the key to good cooking is using fresh ingredients and sourcing locally. He also advocates for using simple techniques to create incredible dishes. Gallo’s philosophy has made his cooking approachable to people who see cooking as a challenge.

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6. Gennaro Gallo’s Social Media Presence

Gallo has a strong social media presence, where he shares recipes, culinary tips, and behind-the-scenes looks from his kitchen. He has over 200K followers on Instagram, and he uses this platform to connect with his fans and followers.

7. Gennaro Gallo’s Recognitions and Achievements

Gallo’s talent and creativity as a chef have led him to receive numerous recognitions and achievements. In 2018, he was awarded the title of “Ambassador of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” His cookbook “Gennaro’s Easy Italian” won the “Cookbook of the Year” title at the British Book Awards in 2014.

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8. Gennaro Gallo’s Personality

Aside from being a talented chef, Gallo is known for his amiable personality and willingness to teach others. He is a warm-hearted individual who enjoys cooking and shares his passion for Italian cuisine with others.


1. What kind of food does Gennaro Gallo specialize in?

Gennaro Gallo specializes in authentic Italian cuisine.

2. Has Gennaro Gallo written any cookbooks?

Yes, Gennaro Gallo has written a series of cookbooks, including “Gennaro’s Easy Italian” and “Southern Italian Family Cooking.”

3. What are Gennaro Gallo’s restaurants called?

Gennaro Gallo’s restaurants are called “Pasta e Pomodoro” and “Gennaro’s Ristorante.”

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4. What is Gennaro Gallo’s philosophy on cooking?

Gennaro Gallo believes that the key to good cooking is using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and simple techniques.

5. What recognitions and awards has Gennaro Gallo received?

Gennaro Gallo has worked as an Executive chef in prestigious hotels and received numerous recognitions and awards, such as the title of “Ambassador of Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and the “Cookbook of the Year” title at the British Book Awards.

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