Jennison Myrie-Williams is a Jamaican-born former professional footballer who transitioned from playing to coaching. He started his career playing in England before playing internationally. After his retirement from playing, Myrie-Williams transitioned into coaching to make an even greater impact on the football world. This blog post explores the success story of Jennison Myrie-Williams as he made the transition from footballer to coach.

His Early Life And Career

Jennison Myrie-Williams was born in Jamaica in 1988 and spent his early playing career in the United Kingdom. He started his professional career playing for Bristol City before moving on to play for different teams like Dundee United, Port Vale and Carlisle United. In 2015, Myrie-Williams moved back to Jamaica to play for Tivoli Gardens FC.

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The Challenges He Faced

While playing for the Tivoli Gardens FC, Jennison Myrie-Williams suffered from a career-threatening injury, which compelled him to retire from football. While football had been his passion, Myrie-Williams realized that he could still make a difference in the sport by becoming a coach. It wasn’t an easy transition, but he persevered.

His Coaching Career

After retiring from professional football, Jennison Myrie-Williams went on to pursue coaching courses to develop his knowledge and skill set. In 2018, he began coaching at West Bromwich Albion’s academy before moving on to work for other organizations like Madeley Academy and Alvechurch FC.

His Coaching Philosophy and Style

Myrie-Williams believes in instilling discipline, hard work, and self-belief in his players. He believes that football is a team sport and that each player has a role to play in contributing to the team’s success. Myrie-Williams believes that a good coach should be a combination of a teacher and a friend, always putting the needs of his players first.

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The Impact of His Coaching

Jennison Myrie-Williams has been able to make a positive difference in the lives of many young footballers through his coaching. He has helped many players to hone their skills and achieve their goals of playing professional football. His dedication and commitment to his players have earned him the respect of many in the footballing world.

Awards and Achievements

In 2013, Myrie-Williams was voted as Port Vale’s player of the season. He has also been nominated twice for the Football League Two player of the month award during his playing career. As a coach, he has helped his teams to win several trophies, including the Herefordshire County Cup.

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His Future Goals

Jennison Myrie-Williams’ ultimate goal is to become a top-level football manager. He plans to continue honing his skills and knowledge of the game as a coach and eventually make the transition to management.


Jennison Myrie-Williams’ journey from being a footballer to coach is a success story that has inspired many young players who have suffered setbacks in their careers. His dedication, commitment and hard work are qualities that have served him well in his career. As he continues to inspire and help young footballers achieve their dreams, it will be fascinating to see how his coaching career unfolds in the future.

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Q1. What is Jennison Myrie-Williams’ coaching philosophy?
A1. Myrie-Williams’ coaching philosophy is to instil discipline, hard work, and self-belief in his players.
Q2. Has Myrie-Williams won any awards as a coach?
A2. Yes, his teams have won several trophies including the Herefordshire County Cup.
Q3. What teams has Myrie-Williams coached?
A3. He has coached teams like West Bromwich Albion’s academy, Madeley Academy, and Alvechurch FC.
Q4. What was Myrie-Williams’ position when he was a footballer?
A4. He played as a winger.
Q5. What is the ultimate career goal of Myrie-Williams?
A5. He wants to become a top-level football manager.

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