In the world of entertainment, there are many rising stars, but none come close to Sakura Miyawaki. A Japanese actress, model, and singer, Sakura has proven that she has what it takes to be successful in the entertainment industry. In this blog post, we will take a look at Sakura’s life, including her height, age, movies, and drama series.

Height and Age of Sakura Miyawaki

One of the most searched terms related to Sakura Miyawaki is her height and age. Sakura Miyawaki was born on March 19, 1998, which makes her 23 years old. As for her height, she stands at an impressive 162 cm or 5 feet 4 inches. Her height is considered to be perfect for her profession as a model and actress.

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Sakura Miyawaki’s Movies

Sakura Miyawaki has acted in several movies, including:

  • Documentary of AKB48: No Flower Without Rain – This documentary was about the lives of members of the girl group AKB48.
  • Crow’s Blood – This movie was a horror story that followed the lives of high school students.
  • Kono Sekai no Katasumi Ni – This was a historical drama movie set during World War II.

Sakura Miyawaki’s Drama Series

Sakura Miyawaki has also starred in several drama series:

  • Majisuka Gakuen – This drama series revolved around a high school where the students rule the school.
  • Tofu Pro Wrestling – This drama series was about a group of wrestlers who want to save their gym from demolition.
  • Crow’s Blood – The movie was later adapted into a drama series.
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What is Sakura Miyawaki Famous For?

Sakura Miyawaki is famous for being a member of the girl group AKB48. The group is known for its unique concept of having a large number of members, and they have gained a massive following in Japan and other parts of the world. Sakura was a member of the group from 2011 to 2018.

What is Sakura Miyawaki Doing Now?

After leaving AKB48 in 2018, Sakura Miyawaki joined the Korean girl group IZ*ONE. The group made their debut in 2018 and has since released several hit songs. Sakura remains an active member of the group to this day.

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What is the Net Worth of Sakura Miyawaki?

The net worth of Sakura Miyawaki is not publicly known. However, considering her success in the entertainment industry, it is safe to say that she has a significant net worth.

What Awards Has Sakura Miyawaki Won?

Sakura Miyawaki has won several awards throughout her career, including:

  • 1st Place – AKB48 Group 3rd General Election (2011)
  • 9th Place – AKB48 Group 4th General Election (2012)
  • 2nd Place – AKB48 Group 5th General Election (2013)
  • 7th Place – AKB48 Group 6th General Election (2014)
  • 5th Place – AKB48 Group 7th General Election (2015)
  • 4th Place – AKB48 Group 8th General Election (2016)
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Sakura Miyawaki is a rising star in the entertainment industry, and her success is only going to get bigger. Her height, age, movies, and drama series have all been revealed in this blog post, and we hope that you have enjoyed reading it. You can follow Sakura’s career and achievements by keeping an eye on her social media accounts.

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