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Captions and Transcripts Zoom app. The Rev Zapp

Captions and Transcripts in Zoom are here thanks to the app by Rev, the Rev Zapp. You can now have your Zoom meetings transcribed in real time with Rev’s zapp, the Zoom app called Captions and Transcripts.

It is sad but sometimes this is how it goes. You spend 20 minutes discussing a complex issue at a Zoom meeting and you agree to a next step. However, a few minutes later someone writes in Slack “What did we agree on?”. And the discussion starts all over again. Very tiring.

Captions and Transcripts rev’s zapp is the Zoom app built by Rev – it solves this problem by transcribing your meetings so you can get back to them, as solve the mystery. You’ll get the most out of your meetings with Captions and Transcripts by Rev.

Captions and Transcripts,  Rev Zapp zoom app

The claim by Captions and Transcripts rev’s zapp

They claim their speech-to-text AI is the most accurate and fastest of its kind, which will help you by transcribing your meetings in real-time. Never miss an important moment by highlighting and sharing key points as they happen.

After your meeting ends, upgrade your pre-recorded meetings to 99% accurate English transcripts, captions, or subtitles in 15+ languages using Rev’s 50,000+ speech professionals.

Within seconds, dramatically improve how much attendees understand, how often they engage with you and each other, and assist any viewers who may have accessibility needs. Rev zapp, the Zoom app by Rev makes for a great Zapp of the Day

For content creators. Captions, subtitles, transcripts for videos

Rev offers captions and subtitles for videos at only $1.25 per minute, done by real humans, and guaranteed to be 99% accurate. If you want to reach a much larger audience with your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, and Blog videos, consider having them captioned and translated by Rev into 12 languages! Visit ( and join more than 100 thousand customers that trust Rev to transcribe and caption their audio and video content.

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